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Enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator

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What's included

- 60 Minute MP3 Audio with Alpha Waves and E-Book with explanation of how to use this audio.

A session of Alpha Waves to relax and visualize your desires, using the technique of "Creative Visualization" to achieve a meditative state more easily, or just to listen while studying or working on the computer. The benefits are the same as traditional meditation. The primary difference is that you experience the benefits faster with this audio tool.


You must use stereo headphones for binaural beats to work.

Find a comfortable place free of distractions. It’s important not to listen to binaural beats when you need to do something that requires your full attention like driving. Listen to binaural beats when you want to relax, clear your mind, get your creative juices flowing, engage your intuition to help solve problems and for personal development work such as repeating affirmations and doing visualization.


- Enhanced release of serotonin & mood elevator;
- Sense of well being & decreased pain (caused by increase in beta-endorphins)
- Acts as ananalgesic, safest frequency, especially for hangover & jet lag.
- Great for problem solving in fearful situations
- Great when trying to correlate information by the subconscious, when associated with positive afirmations.
- Increased alertness (caused by an increase in norepinephrine + serotonin & a
decrease in melatonin);
- Significant improvements in memory, reading & spelling.