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Sync Mind is a review blog about Personal Development techniques, researches, and binaural beats tools.

Developed by Brazilian Fernando Santos, a musician, music producer and recording engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Sync Mind is a project that aims to help people reach their goals, improve their focus, well being, finances, self-confidence and improve their cognition and ability to solve complex problems.

All this effort arose from Fernando’s own experiences, which sought solutions to combat anxiety, stress and increase his performance at work with increased concentration. After a long study on BINAURAL BEATS and deepening in the effects of each frequency range, he tested it on himself, and after evaluating the results began to develop his own tools.

It is very difficult to know if these audios are well constructed if they are free of inappropriate subliminal messages and especially if they provide the correct frequencies for proper use in each situation. From then on became a goal for us to publicize the proper use of Binaural Beats, and we started to create reliable audios that primarily enable people to achieve real results. There is a way to reach our maximum performance of productivity, using the BrainWave Entertainment and combating effects that in the long term become diseases.


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